PRP Application for hair

PRP application is a procedure that has proven to be very useful in cell and tissue re-juvenescence. It has been very widely used in medicine in recent years. The procedure is simple. 10-20 cc blood withdrawn from the patient is centrifuged at a specific speed, thereby separated into 3 layers. The top layer is serum which alone does not help cell renewal. Red blood cells accumulate at the bottom layer and likewise have no use in cell renewal. The cloudy white, so called Buffy coat constitutes the middle layer that contains platelets and all the other substances and hormones relevant to cell renewal. This is the portion that is used for tissue renewal by PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma).

PRP is very commonly used almost in every medical field. For instance, it is injected into joint space by orthopedists who administer intraarticular PRP to repair damaged cartilage. PRP is also used in gunshot injuries to accelerate wound healing. It may also be used to eliminate cleavages in the skin and for refreshment and hydration of the skin.

PRP contributes into hair transplantation by enhancing the fastening of roots and by supporting weak hair roots. It affects both transplanted and existing hair roots. Therefore, it may even be used alone without hair transplantation to support weak hair roots.

PRP is both rapid and long acting. It immediately shows effect by means of the platelets and anti-oxidants in it. It also has been demonstrated to continue attracting platelets and the other therapeutic substances in the blood for 3-6 months due to some chemotactic substances and hormones it contains. It is both a short and also affordable procedure for such a useful and long-acting effect.

PRP has no side effects because it contains only the cells and substances from patients’ own blood.

PRP may both be administered in combination with hair transplantation or alone. The latter is performed 4 or 5 times with 3-6-week intervals according to patient’s need.

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