Hair Mesotherapy

A healthy hair is dependent on healthy hair roots. And healthy roots depend on how healthy the blood circulation of the hairy skin is and how good the blood supply it provides.

Hair mesotherapy is the injection of nutritive vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, proteins, and substances that enhance blood circulation into the middle layer of hairy skin to support hair roots and helps strengthening the shedding hair during continuous hair loss. Ready-to-use hair mesotherapy cocktails may be used as well as the cocktails prepared by the doctor by mixing appropriate vitamins, anti-oxidants and trace elements depending on the individual need of the patient. Today, ready-to-use mesotherapy products are used predominantly that contain all the ingredients that hair roots need.

The mesotherapy cocktail is injected throughout the entire hair loss area. These multiple injections are administered using very fine needles and do not cause pain. So that the patients easily tolerate the procedure.

Hair mesotherapy is usually applied once or twice a week, depending on the amount of hair loss. It may be combined with PRP or Botox applied to the hairy site. It may also be applied following thermotherapy in which certain medications are rubbed onto the hairy site to enhance circulation by means of ozonated vapor. This helps unblock the pores in the skin and may be followed by hair mesotherapy.

Hair Mesotherapy is generally performed in 8-12 sessions. The first 4 sessions are done weekly followed by another four sessions performed every 2 weeks. Four further applications may be done monthly if necessary. The entire application lasts for 3-7 months. The procedure is easier initially when the hair is sparse but becomes more and more difficult in time as the hair gets denser and thicker.

The procedure is ended when frequency of the hair reaches a satisfactory level.

The patients should be aware that hair mesotherapy does not grow new hair. It strengthens the roots of shedding hair, nourishes weak hair roots and helps weak hair to get thicker.

Despite very fine needles are used, the hair should not be washed overnight following mesotherapy in order for numerous injection points to heal completely. You can wash your hair next morning.

Hair mesotherapy is a low-cost method that directly targets hair roots and requires no narcosis or hospital conditions. Nutrients are directly injected into hair roots and the outcomes are obvious. It is suitable for patients who do not yet require hair transplantation but have continuous hair loss whose hair has begun to get sparse. By this method, hair loss is decelerated and weak hair are strengthened and multiplied.

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