Application of botulinum toxins are performed to support hair transplantation.

Botulinum toxin applications may be performed in combination with hair transplantation to relax the blood vessels in the skin and the mimic muscles that surround them. The aim is to enhance the blood circulation in the scalp allowing the roots to fasten stronger.

High-dose botulinum toxin preparation is injected into the scalp and nape area before transplantation. Rapidly acting botulinum toxin preparations are chosen for this procedure. These botulinum toxin products act rapidly and exert their effect within 1 day. However, their effects last as short as 2-3 months. We choose these products since rapid action is more important for us. The most important period in hair transplantation is the first week. Therefore, the duration of effect is of no importance for botulinum toxins with shorter duration of effect but faster action.

Botulinum toxin injection in combination with hair transplantation is a supportive therapy to allow the roots to fasten immediately after transplantation. It does not have to be repeated in the future.

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