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The male has always been the fancy one in nature. Male birds have the brightest colors. Female peacocks do not have such gorgeous tail feathers like males. Even the lioness does not have the stylish mane of the male. Because in nature, it is the male who somehow has to attract the female. This relation seems to be opposite in humans, so women try to become more attractive by makeups. For men, hair, beard and moustache is the embellishment. Such things are particularly more important in certain cultures; in Southern Korea, for example, a man getting bald virtually has no chance in a job interview against his competitors with abundant hair, where hair loss is perceived as a sign of elderliness and debility. The same applies for many other communities.

Restoring hair by hair transplantation makes one look younger and more attractive. Accessory transplants including beard and moustache transplants are increasingly becoming popular in recent years influenced primarily by the fashion.

Hair loss and baldness is no fate. The hair roots at the back head are resistant against shedding and therefore do not come off after transplantation when implanted to the front part of the head. See your doctor if you have hair loss in the front part. Hair loss can be slowed down using medical treatment. Hair transplantation may be the remedy if you have a substantial loss of hair.

We offer clinical hair analysis as well as medical hair therapies and hair transplantation. We provide assistance for all your programs in İstanbul in addition to accommodation, accompaniment, translator and local transfer services (between the airport, hotel, clinic and hospital) throughout the transplantation period.

We offer medical and surgical solutions to your hair loss problems. We start with hair root analysis and determine both the stage of hair loss and whether you need a transplantation or not.

If you have a chronic hair loss, we first strengthen your present hair and weakened hair roots by medical therapies.

Your hair transplantation is planned if we think it is time. Both planning and the procedure itself should be done by experts for an unnoticeable hair transplant. All planning and transplantation procedures are performed by a plastic surgery specialist and a large team under supervision of the plastic surgeon.

The first step is to fill in the application form. Please remember to upload photos of both the balding areas and the back part of your head. Enter your e-mail address correctly so that we can reply. Following correspondence, your program and your medical therapy or transplantation is scheduled as soon as possible.


Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation by FUE Technique

Moustache Transplantation

Moustache Transplantation by FUE

Hair transplantation for sideburns

Hair transplantation for sideburns by FUE

Chest Hair Transplantation

Chest Hair Transplantation by FUE


Your hair is analyzed and your transplantation is planned by Dr. Oytun İdil, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon.

Your hair margin is designed with respect to cosmetic surgery principles that will result in unnoticeably natural looking hairs. Other important aspects of transplantation include details like where to transplant each root or the proper direction of transplants. All these details are planned according to plastic surgery rules and cosmetic ratios of the face.

Roots are aligned into petri plates in rows. If there are 10 rows in a petri each containing 20 roots, then there are 200 roots in that petri. So you can easily count 1,000 roots in 5 petri dishes. Exactly the planned number of roots are transplanted, and it is very easy to count.

Treating as much patients as possible per day is not what we worry about. We personally take care of each patient. We make the first hair wash post-transplantation, and instruct how to wash your hair thereafter.

Airport-city transfers, doctor consultations, hair transplantation, first hair wash and medical products, shampoo and lotions are included in the total cost. Following transplantation, you are given a set of post-transplant care products and instructions on how to use each product for hair care.

Each of the doctors, nurses and other staff in the team have years of experience in hair transplantation. Each team member is dedicated, gentle and extremely tolerant.

You can contact and consult your doctor later through many ways (telephone, WhatsApp, e-mail, Facebook, SMS, etc.). Your doctor is just on the other end of the line if you have any questions. We use Skype software for video talk.

You can immediately consult your doctor live through video talk right now. You can click on the image (link) above to talk to Dr. Oytun Idil if the device you are accessing this site (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.) has Skype application. If you are visiting the website on a smartphone, you can call Dr. Oytun Idil right now by tapping the below image (link).