İstanbul: a mystical city that combines two continents..

We provide accompaniment if you do not know the city.

We pick each patient from the airport.

We provide transfers between the airport and the city.

We provide a translator if you do not speak Turkish.

We assist you in hotel reservations for accommodation in any region of İstanbul.

You will only be asked to complete the examination form for application before coming. We will pick you up from the airport if you let us know the airline, flight number and landing time.

You can go for a sightseeing, visit historical places or shop in İstanbul after hair transplantation. We also provide help if you want to tour İstanbul by city tours.

On the way back to your country, we also provide help in getting ticket and transfers to the airport.

Hair transplantation is not a serious surgery. You can tour the city in the very next day.

That’s why having hair transplant in a good clinic in İstanbul is optimal both to have nice hair and tour one of the most mystical cities in the world.

Let us welcome you as our guest. We can give you healthy hair plus show you our beautiful İstanbul.

First you need is to complete the application form.

First, we kindly ask you to fill in the application form completely.

Your medical history and present medical condition (diseases, medications used, etc.) are important.

Please write your e-mail address correctly. We can not respond if you do not provide or incorrectly spell your e-mail address.

Please remember to send the photos of both balding areas and the back part of your head together with the form. Images of the balding area will inform us about the approximate number of roots needed to be transplanted. We need to see the back of the head as well since the roots will be collected from that part of your head.

You will be responded within 24 hours. Please make sure your e-mail account is working. Check “spam” folder if you cannot see any response in your inbox.

Click to fill in the application form..

The cost of hair transplantation may differ for each patient. We determine the price after seeing the photos of patient’s head. Please make sure the photos of your head are attached in the application form.
The price includes all the transfers between the airport and the city, doctor consultations, hair transplantation, first washing on the 2nd day, translator service in the hospital, and a set of products and medicines to be used after transplantation.
The price does NOT include hotel accommodation costs, transfers within the city and touristic expenses (city tour, translator or guide services).

Your transplantation will be planned following correspondences and the day of transplantation as well as approximate number of roots to be planted on each site will be determined.

What we only need is the day of your arrival, the flight number and landing time. We arrange your program in İstanbul. You will be given the name and GSM number of our driver who will pick you up from the airport. You will be transferred to the clinic or to your hotel depending on the time of your arrival. You must sleep well, not get tired and not consume alcohol before the day of transplantation which follows the day of examination. First, a physical examination is performed, and you are given information and a brochure on what you must care about before and after the procedure.

You will be picked from your hotel on the next morning by the driver who will take you to the hospital where your transplantation will be done.

Today is the day of transplantation!

All the transplantations are performed under hospital conditions by our expert doctors and large team.

First, your photos will be taken to make comparison after the procedure.

Your hair will be shaved.

The procedure has 3 stages: collection of the roots, drilling of the new canals and transplantation of the roots.

The procedure lasts 2 to 8 hours depending on the number of roots transplanted. Some giga-transplantations (5,000–10,000 roots) are performed in 2 sessions in 2 separate days.

Paying regard not to damage the hair roots, your head is washed gently at the end of the transplantation. You are transferred back to your hotel. You are given an accompaniment to assist you until you enter the hotel.

The hair will be washed in the clinic 2 days after the transplantation. You will be given a package set that contains the shampoo, skincare lotions and medications. The bag also contains an instructions paper on how to use these products.

Let us know your date of departure so that we can transfer you back to the airport.

On the day of departure, our driver picks you from the hotel at an appropriate time and takes you to the airport.

Do not forget us after returning to your country. We will be grateful if you send the photos of your hair after 6-9 months and 1 year.

You may contact us anytime by phone, Skype or text (SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, E-mail) if you want to ask questions when you are back in your country.

You are invited to our clinic..

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