We do not make fabrication transplants and we do not have worries to treat as much patient as possible per day. Only one patient is admitted daily per team. Initially a transplantation plan is made for each patient. The number of transplanted roots may be multiplied following the planned transplantation if there are still areas around the nape eligible to collect new roots. You are not charged for these extra transplants. Because only one patient is treated daily, there is no such approach like “finish this quickly, call the next patient”.

Patient safety is our priority. All the transplantations are done under hospital conditions in fully equipped operation rooms. The procedure is planned by Oytun İdil, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, and implemented by Dr. Oytun İdil, Dr. Kerem Derya and the assistant staff.

Before transplantations, we instruct our patients adequately about the procedure, discuss critical issues and give an explanatory leaflet. After the transplantation, we give a brief education on the rules they should follow, describe how to use the hair care products that we recommend and also provide these products in a package. A certain period is required after the transplantation for a permanent and healthy growing of the hair and we keep the contact with our patients in this period. We keep in touch through phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or Skype.

"Ne kadar ucuza olursa o kadar iyi" diye düşünen hastalara hitap etmiyoruz. Saç ekim ücretlerimiz makul seviyelerdedir. Saç ekiminde ve diğer estetik ameliyatlarda ilk amacımız para kazanmak değil, başarılı bir iş çıkarıp hastalarımızı memnun göndermektir. Para kazanmak ekibimiz için 2. sırada gelir.

We don't address patients who think, "The cheaper, the better." Our planting fees are reasonable. Our first aim in hair transplantation and other plastic surgery is not to make money, but to do a successful job and send our patients happy. Making money is the 2nd place for our team.

We stay in contact with each patient after transplantation. For us, patient satisfaction overweighs financial gains. So make sure you communicate any dissatisfaction to us. Your problem will certainly be solved.

Once you make your decision, you can contact Dr. Oytun İdil via the information or links given in the website or by e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger or right now through the phone or video talk on Skype.

Tel: +90 533 5690649 (GSM, Whatsapp), +90 212 2963656 (clinic)

E-mail: oytunmd@gmail.com

Video talk (skype): live:oytunmd_1

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oytunidil

Our team


Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist

Graduated from İstanbul University İstanbul Medical Faculty in 1994. Received specialty degree in 2000 from Bursa Uludağ University Medical Faculty. Working as private aesthetic surgeon in İstanbul since 2004.

Dr. Oytun İdil has a good command of written and spoken English.


Family Medicine Specialist. Hair Transplant Director.

Graduated from İstanbul University İstanbul Medical Faculty in 1994. Received specialty degree in 2000 at Haseki Training and Research Hospital. Worked as Emergency Responsible and Deputy Medical Director in a class A private hospital.

Dr. Kerem Derya has a good command of written and spoken English.



Mektebim Schools - School of Nursing (graduated as the top student); Biruni University - Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy).