Chest hair transplantation is also done using FUE method but shows big differences with the other types of transplantation!

Chest hair transplantation is not commonly requested. It has specific difficulties and characteristics. For example, local anesthesia is not enough for this procedure because the transplant area is much larger. At least a sedation should be given so that the entire chest site can be anesthetized, and the canals can be drilled followed by the painless implantation of roots.

What should be taken into consideration when performing chest hair transplantation is to select shorter, more curly and thinner hair roots.

The patient should rest at home for 3 days after transplantation and should wear button-up shirts where possible, in order not to pull off the transplanted hair.

After transplantation, the patient is given an intervention note, a medical report, a brochure describing points that should be payed regard to, and a package that contain recommended medications, serums and shampoos. How to use these products is instructed in detail to the patient and is also included in the brochure.

The chest area is gently washed on the third day. The patient is instructed how to wash this site during subsequent days at home. The transplant site should be washed once daily for 4–5 days.

The transplanted beard will shed within the first 2 months like in hair transplantation, but the roots will remain intact. It takes approximately 6–9 months for healthy growth of these hair.

The patients are kindly asked to send the photos of the transplant site at 6th and 12th months for further follow-up.

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