Sometimes transplantation of the sideburns is requested in line with the trends.

Sometimes the hair may be sparse in certain sites such as the beard or moustache, or like sites where moustache and beard merge or sideburns. The lack of hair in these sites becomes visible when one likes to grow beard or sideburns.

The transplantation may be planned to connect sideburns to the beard if the hair intensity is low in this site.

Characteristics and follow-up of the procedure is the same as beard and moustache transplantation. The number of roots and borders of the transplantation site are determined the same way.

Roots are selected according to the characteristics (thickness, color) of the recipient site and collected from the donor site using FUE method. They are stored under cold temperature and implanted by appropriate inclination to sideburns areas after the canals are drilled.

It does not take a long time because the number of roots transplanted is lower than hair transplantation.

After transplantation, the patient is given an intervention note, a medical report, a brochure describing points that should be payed regard to, and a package that contain recommended medications, serums and shampoos. How to use these products is instructed in detail to the patient and is also included in the brochure.

The patient comes back for control after 2 days and the first washing is done. The patient is instructed how to wash this site during subsequent days at home. The transplant site should be washed once daily for 4–5 days.

The patients are kindly asked to send the photos of the transplant site at 6th and 12th months for further follow-up.

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